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Welcome to the Earth Science Ontology Portal (ESIP Portal) for the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP). The ESIP Portal is a Web-based application for accessing and sharing earth science ontologies. You can create ontology-based annotations for your own text , link your own project that uses ontologies to the description of those ontologies , find and create relations between terms in different ontologies, and review and comment on ontologies and their components as you browse them. Please Sign in to submit a new ontology or ontology-based project, provide comments on ontologies, or add ontology mappings.
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Ontology Visits (May 2016)

Visits for May 2016

Resources Indexed
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Latest Mappings
LandIce (SWEET) <=> Ice island (ICEOFLANDORIGIN)
REST Mapping 06/10/2016 by sripunni
Ice island (ICEOFLANDORIGIN) <=> LandIce (SWEET)
REST Mapping 06/10/2016 by sripunni
TabularIceberg (SWEET) <=> Tabular berg (ICEOFLANDORIGIN)
REST Mapping 05/30/2016 by sripunni
Tabular berg (ICEOFLANDORIGIN) <=> TabularIceberg (SWEET)
REST Mapping 05/30/2016 by sripunni