Ontology Portal Help


Welcome to the ESIP Semantic Portal. The Semantic Portal is an ontology repository focused on Earth Sciences ontologies and built upon NCBO BioPortal technology. Ontology entities are available for browsing and programmatic access and much more.

Documentation for the ESIP Semantic Portal is available in github in the ESIPFed Semantic Portal wiki accessible here.

Detailed documentation for the NCBO BioPortal is here.

Getting Started

The Semantic Portal allows users to browse, upload, download, search, comment on, and create mappings for ontologies manually or through a REST API.

Browse The Library

Users can browse and explore individual ontologies by navigating either a tree structure or an animated graphical view. Users can also view mappings and ontology metadata, and download ontologies.

Additionally, users who are signed in may also submit a new ontology to the library. All submissions to the library are reviewed.

REST Services

Documentation and examples are available here.

Example scripts to use the REST API are available in the github rep accessible here.

Web services

Documentation and examples of the BioPortal 2.0 Web services.

How to Cite BioPortal

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